Bilingual teaching (Finnish-English) makes it possible for the student to develop an extensive basis for language skills and internationalism. The term large-scale bilingual education refers to education where a minimum of 25 % of the subject contents are taught in the target language. The share is calculated in proportion to the total number of lesson hours in the grades where large-scale bilingual education is implemented. The share of subjects taught in English is checked annually.


The bilingual classes 1-9 follow the same National Curriculum contents as the regular Finnish classes. In the bilingual programme, the emphasis is on acquiring English proficiency in a naturalistic way. This comes through the daily routines at school, in lessons together with the teacher, and working in English with other students. Some subjects or units are taught exclusively in Finnish. The majority of lessons, however, are taught in English. A student in the bilingual programme must be able to attain the same curriculum goals with regard to Finnish as a peer in the regular Finnish programme would. This assures the student’s opportunities to be able to continue studies through the medium of Finnish.




Rajala Primary School offers bilingual programme in grades 1-6. One class in each grade is a bilingual class (Finnish-English). Students will be admitted to the programme based on the results of an English proficiency assessment. Studying in English requires the student to have a good level of language proficiency. The student must be able to listen and follow the instruction in a foreign language, understand the concepts and participate during the lessons.


The pupils learn to read and write in Finnish and English. During the first years in school the majority of the subject contents are taught in English. The amount of Finnish in teaching increases towards the higher grade levels. The teachers use mainly English in the teaching and conversations. The students are encouraged to use English as much as possible in all school circumstances. However, the students can express their thoughts and feelings also in Finnish.




Hatsala Classical School is a secondary school with about 770 students during the school year 2016-2017. The school has classes for general education, bilingual education (Finnish-English), classes specializing in fine arts and sports, and special education classes. It is also possible to study Latin as B2 language. The school has a wide selection of optional subjects.


Students will be admitted to the programme based on the results of an English proficiency assessment. Also students from Rajala school´s bilingual programme apply to Hatsala´s bilingual programme through the assessment.


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