Early English is taught in some of the comprehensive schools in the city of Kuopio. The first and second grades have one English lesson in a week.


The general goal of early English is to create a foundation for learning a foreign language. The students learn through playful methods, in a safe and inspiring atmosphere. The main emphasis is on spoken language. The students attempt to listen, understand and produce the language through functionality. Correct pronunciation is important from the beginning. The age level and readiness is considered in planning the teaching. Electronic learning environments are utilized when possible.


The students becomes familiar and aware of the English language and the culture of English-speaking countries. The aim is that students get motivated and are encouraged to speak the language through the use of word and expression. The learning is based on functionality and active, verbal use of the language. The goal during the classes is to create a lasting enthusiasm towards learning languages in the future.


Koordinaattori Eveliina Bovellan


puh. +358 44 718 1888