In the city of Kuopio, German language-enriched teaching is provided by Kalevala School for the grades 1-6.




Kalevala School has a long tradition of teaching the German language. The official name for this form of teaching is language enriched teaching in German (EU-term CLIL). Kalevala School operates as one of the practical training schools for the students from Berlin Humbold University´s Professional School of education.


The German language-enriched classes 1-9 follow the same National Curriculum contents as the regular Finnish classes. In the German language-enriched teaching, the emphasis is on acquiring English proficiency in a naturalistic way. This comes through the daily routines at school, in lessons together with the teacher, and working in German with other students. The aim is for the children to develop a natural and straightforward relationship with the language.


The first and second graders study German in daily life situations. Some of the teaching is implemented German, for example during art, music and environmental studies lessons. During the lessons, the students play, sing and learn German words and phrases. Also the culture and traditions in German-speaking countries are important. The students are encouraged to use German as much as possible in all school circumstances. However, the students can express their thoughts and feelings also in Finnish. In the higher grade levels the goal is to become more proficient in learning to read and write in German.


When a student applies to the first grade, no basic skills are required in the German language. The application period to the first grade is annually when the students sign up to school.


Koordinaattori Eveliina Bovellan

puh. +358 44 718 1888