The voluntary A2-language starts in the 4th grade. It is possible to study German, French or Russian. The students that have German as their A1-language have English as their A2-language. A2-language group can be formed if at least 16 students have chosen the same language. A2-English group can be formed even with fewer students.


The voluntary A2-language adds two hours per week to the student’s total number of hours during grades 4-7. If the student is learning A2-language, it is not possible to choose Latin on the 7th grade. The students that have chosen A2-language, can have the maximum of two other optional subjects during the grades 8 and 9. The student must have a special reason to discontinue studying the A2-language during the primary and secondary school. The A1- and A2-languages during the grades 7-9 are English, German, French and Russia, based on the earlier language choices.




Kielitivoli-website provides students with interesting information about language options as well as some online games. The students can use the games to get familiar with with foreign languages – German, French, Russian and Spanish.


Kielitivoli has a section geared for beginners, those who have some basic skills in the language and even the most advanced. The student can decide which language to use when playing the games. The purpose is to play the games together during school lessons and independently at home after school, with parents or alone.


Go to Kielitivoli website here (requires Flash).


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