language program and selection in kuopio high schools


The fact that the Finnish society and business is getting more international and multicultural, sets requirements for language skills and cultural awareness. Foreign language studies provide the student with a way of communicating in personal and work life, and prepares for international cooperation and future work assignments. The selection of language studied in high school need to be flexible and extensive enough to respond to the changing needs of the students and society as a whole. The language program needs to maintain and develop the level of common language skills.


The language program of Kuopio high schools is based on the language program of Kuopio basic education: it is possible to study all A1/A2 and B1-languages that are in the Kuopio basic education language program. The Senior High Schools also offers Spanish A-language courses.


In addition to the compulsory and specialization courses in A1-English and B1-Swedish, there is also city-specific specialization courses that help the student to develop the language skills for the matriculation examination and continuation of the studies.


The selection for B2- and B3-languages is implemented based on requests and resources available. The B2- and B3-languages offered are German, French, Russian, Latin, Spanish and Italian. The high schools can also offer other languages and shorter studies than the B3-syllabus, for example Chinese and Japanese.


The high schools share a common number system that makes it possible to choose a language that is not offered at the school the student attends. Some of the studies can be implemented as distance and online education or independent studies.


Kuopio Lyseo High School has an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme. The first year is a preparatory pre-diploma year. During this first year, 30 courses from the Finnish high schools are completed, 17 to 18 of them in English. IB students are in their own group already during this first year. The students learn how things work at the school, take on English as their work language and get familiar with studying methods typical to IB. Many subjects include group work, verbal and written presentations and experimental sciences.


International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme: The actual IB-studies take two years to complete. Each student selects six or seven subjects during the preparatory year. The student studies these subjects over the following two years and also completes the IB-matriculation examination in these same subjects.


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